May 16, 2015




plural noun: hashtags

  • a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as twitter/facebook/instagram to identify messages on a specific topic.


    • the hash sign (#) is a trend? Probably I am getting too old! i...

March 29, 2015


today's wedding held in a very beautiful place called Eden Garden, really love the surrounding of the garden and reception.

a very classic western wedding, there is a lot more to say of course but why not enjoy the video


congratulation once again, Kelly and Justin!



March 22, 2015


It was a bit wet in the morning but i think the love of the couple shine it away

we arrived at Christina's house in the morning, and already seen the preparation of the door games and i think it is going to be a very fun day, and of course it didnt disappoint


November 30, 2014


Day 2 of the wedding marathon. spirit is up despite a tired body, anyhow, nothing is more important than doing this happy job!

An Aussie wedding today, we arrived at Sheraton on the Park's top floor, beautiful view overlooking Hyde Park.

had a very special family speech...

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