Christina + Victor Wedding - Sydney

It was a bit wet in the morning but i think the love of the couple shine it away we arrived at Christina's house in the morning, and already seen the preparation of the door games and i think it is going to be a very fun day, and of course it didnt disappoint Victor came with a troops of brothers and they helped out clearing out the obstacles for him to see Christina. fantastic bunch of boys here i would say. i was very touched when i saw Victor received the blessing from Christina's father at the door, i can felt the emotion going thru both of them, just simply beautiful not to mention is the surprise dance from the grooms and groomsmates, i am so delighted to shoot their rehearsal, and the live is of course, fantastic! there is a lot more to say of course but why not enjoy the video congratulation once again, Christina and Victor! Videographer: Peterson Lai @ Pink and Green Works Photographer: Alex Lau from